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We are a highly motivated and experienced team that brings together cutting-edge products and services to benefit any business. Our greatest strength is understanding our customer’s challenges and the ability to provide an end-to-end solution.

Our goal is to help our customers increase revenue, reduce costs, and streamline operations by leveraging technology and industry expertise. We’re sharing decades of gaming and technology experience with our customers so we can succeed together.


Company History

Founded in 2017, Outabox is based on the idea that a business could be successful by understanding casino players, operators, and technology, then building platforms that could easily be modified to their requirements. We are technologists and gaming enthusiasts at heart!

The company built a base for operations in Sydney, Australia, gaining a reputation for being reliable and delivering creative solutions. Appbox was launched to the market with rave reviews for its ease of use and reliability. Soon after, the E4 Solutions CRM product was rolled out to the market, adding an effective tool for managing customers to our suite of applications.

Outabox went international in 2018 with Appbox installations in Macau and Manilla and deployed integrations with major casino management systems vendors. 2019 brought expansion to Vietnam and the launch of the eHost product.

In response to the global pandemic, Outabox took on products and services to aid our customers in the reopening effort. The team launched the TriAgem Facial Recognition Kiosk, which scanned patrons’ temperatures and verified membership on entry.

The beginning of 2022 ushered in a new era at Outabox with three installations of Appbox in the United States and the launch of our HTML 5 Content Creation Services. Our content team leveraged the powers of published APIs to enable Cardless, Cashless, Credit, and Ticket Printing Features at the EGM.

2022 continues to be a stellar year with the launch of our Kiosk Content in Australia and the Philippines and the planned integration with Amadeus – Delphi, amongst other platforms and services.

The future looks bright for Outabox and the gaming industry. We’re excited to be on the journey together!

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