About Appbox

Appbox is our flagship Media Management platform. This enterprise-grade software allows operators to easily manage their media distribution based on a predetermined schedule, integrated events from linked systems and a content priority scale. The platform is built on the Linux Ubuntu Server Operating System and leverages the latest HTML 5 and Node.js standards for robust performance on a lightweight frame.

The product has significantly matured over the last 5 years based on industry trends and customer feedback. Appbox has grown to accept multiple concurrent 4k video input streams that integrate with customer data to provide a custom experience for your guests. Our engineering team thrives on customizing applications that run on the platform to fit your business requirements.

Technology is constantly evolving, and _Outabox_ is leading the way. With the ability to integrate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into the platform, Appbox can tailor the content displayed based off of 3rd party triggers, and give your customers a personalized experience.

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