About eHost

The eHost system provides our customers the ability to offer food and drinks on a customized menu that is delivered via the IGT service window and other devices such as personal device, tablets, and touch screen kiosks throughout the venue. The system is flexible to your business requirements and can also be integrated to the POS system to further improve your efficiency and service delivery times.

Key Features

  1. Custom Menu Management
  2. Custom Menu offering for different ranking players
  3. Track players as they move around the floor
  4. Bump screen to track order status and progress
  5. Communicate order status as it progresses via the Service Window (Order Pending, Order In Progress, Order being delivered, Complete)
  6. Manage and add promotion items, including items that are free of charge or comped for particular rankings etc.
  7. Order Insights
  8. Call attendant/Host Management (replace existing paging system and utilize Ehost for all service calls

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