Triagem Entry Management


TriAgem Facial Recognition Kiosk

The TriAgem Facial recognition kiosk is a state-of-the-art contactless sign in kiosk that allows both members and guests to sign into the venue with ease. The Kiosk uses AI facial recognition technology to capture and compare face data with the in-house e4 solutions database, the kiosk also includes the below features:

  1. Custom Themes
  2. Self-Exclusion/Banned Identification
  3. NSW Covid-safe Integration (first to market)
  4. Temperature Screening
  5. Dependant Management
  6. Distance from venue API
  7. Visitation Promotions
    1. Pick a Box
    2. Birthday Rewards


TriAgem Self-Service Registration Kiosk

The TriAgem Self-Service Registration kiosk is a used to register visitors and members into the e4 Solutions system. It uses the latest OCR technology to read your guests identification and saves it to the database for future visits. The Kiosk features include:

  1. Optical Character Recognition
  2. Visitor registration
  3. Distance from Venue API
  4. Member/Visitor Lookup
    1. Name
    2. ID Number
    3. Phone number
    4. Card Swipe


TriAgem QR Code Registration and Sign In

The TriAgem QR Code registration system streamlines the visitor registration process, visitors can fast track the line by utilising the QR code registration process on their own smart devices which will then immediately synchronise with the e4 solutions database and Facial Recognition Kiosk.The QR Code Process:

  1. Scan QR Code
  2. Take Photo of ID to auto fill
  3. Fill in form manually
  4. Take selfie using mobile device
  5. Sign In using Facial Recognition Kiosk

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